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Glittering Gold Star Winner

Glittering Gold Star Winner
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These sparkling gold stars look exactly like the stars my teacher used to put at the top of my spelling test when I got everything correct. Do they still do that?

This bag has, literally, thousands of gold stars embedded in the Lucite. It is signed on the hinge, "Arnold Bags." Measures 6-3/4" front to back, 4-1/2" high (8-1/2" high counting the handle), and 4" side to side.

Excellent Condition. There some tiny rough spots on the clear edges which are difficult to pick up with the naked eye, (I can see just one without the magnifying glass,) but you can feel them by running your finger along the curved edges. The clasp has lost some of its shine. White dried glue can be seen in the joints as is the case with many clear Lucite bags.

There are no cracks, warping, clouding, yellowing or other discoloration. Absolutely no vinegar odor. The clasp and all the hardware work perfectly and are free of spotting, rust, or corrosion. The handle stands nicely by itself for display. Four clear feet are all present and undamaged.

The combination of glittering gold stars and the unusual half-moon shape make this Lucite purse a spectacular, rare design winner.

We've provided loads of photos below, some with the flash on and some without: