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Lulu's Hat Shop w/Poodle

Lulu's Hat Shop w/Poodle
Item# LuluHatShop
Regular price: $129.99
Sale price: $79.99

Product Description

The detail on this Lulu Guinness (as on all her bags) is just precious. Not only a hat store, but our shopper is outfitted in a fur trimmed coat and hat and, of course, has brought her poodle with her.

This bag measures 12" wide x 11" high x 3" deep at the bottom. There is one large zippered pocket inside.

PLEASE NOTE: This bag is being offered at a slashed price since it is not signed. However, it is a Lulu Guinness purse; sometimes this oversight can happen with any company. Also, although it has no stains or other damage, it does not look pristine to us, with some very mild "fuzziness" to the wool and some faint hints of handling on the white parts.

This is a great opportunity to own this very popular Lulu Hats bag (which is now out of production) for only a fraction of the original price.