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Bellestone Alligator Handbag

Bellestone Alligator Handbag
Item# BellestoneAlligatorHandbag
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Product Description

This is a 1950's (probably) signed Bellestone purse in a traditional Kelly bag style.

It measures 9-1/2" wide x 8" high (without handle) x 3" deep. It has one zippered pocket and 2 open pockets inside.

Excellent Condition. The handle was constructed using 3 pieces which are sewn together and then lined with one long piece underneath. There is a bend at one of the handle seams that, at first glance, might look like a crack. It is just a seam with a bend. I have taken a photo of the lining underneath to show that there is no cracking. However, it does keep the handle bent in one direction which the bag is sitting on display.

I see no other wear, no lifted scales, no wear on corners, and no wear inside, just a hint of marks on the inside bottom from previous use.

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This is a bend at the seam, a bend, not a crack. See next photo of underside.