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Pink Lucite Earrings ONLY - Bracelet is Sold

Pink Lucite Earrings ONLY - Bracelet is Sold
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Product Description

I have recently come upon some stellar vintage lucite bracelets. Some I gave away for gifts - makes a great gift - and a couple I will put on this website. This one even includes matching earrings.

I particularly like the clamper style as it will fit almost any wrist from small to much larger. The earrings are clip on, of course. They are tight enough to stay on, but not tight enough to pinch and hurt.

The earrings are just a little over an inch in diameter; the bracelet is just a little under an inch wide. The shells are white with a little pink on them and, yes, they are real. I believe the lucite used is clear but filled with pink confetti.

Near Mint Condition. Some darkening on the metal hinge is to be expected on something well over 50 years old. No cracks or chips in the lucite, no broken or protruding shells. Everything looks just great.