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Plastic Handbags, Sculpture to Wear - SOLD

Plastic Handbags, Sculpture to Wear - SOLD
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One of three absolutely must have books for every lucite purse collector.

Hundreds of photos in every color imaginable, this is a must-have book for every collector of vintage handbags. This entire book is devoted to lucite and the amazing array of designs produced in the 50's when lucite was the newest mod accessory. The book begins with a history of the plastic handbag, followed by separte sections featuring Llewellyn, Myles, Gilli, Tyrolean, Rialto, Wilardy, Miami, Patricia of Miami, Charles Kahn, Dorset Rex, Maxim, and Majestic. The book ends with 34 pages of unmarked bags, fun (and most fairly easy) to identify for the more experienced collector.

'Plastic Handbags, Sculpture to Wear' (what an appropriate title) is by Kate E. Dooner, in soft cover, 112 color pages, published in 1992. The price guide is, of course, outdated, but nobody really buys these books for the price guides anyway; it's the glorious photos we like to drool over. (In our experience with vintage purses, price guides are always way off base anyway.)

Mint Condition: No marks, writing, stains, dirt, or torn pages. The spine is perfect; the cover is perfect. Photo of front cover is showing lighting reflections. It really looks like new - good enough to give as a gift.

Some photos from the book: