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Glorious Gilli

Glorious Gilli
Item# GloriousGilli
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Product Description

The marbling on this gorgeous Gilli has charcoal gray and golden bronze colors. The more lighting, the more the golden colors show. The photos simply are not doing it justice. A nice thick clear carved Lucite lid and handle set it off.

Measures 6" wide x 6" tall (without handle) x 3-1/2" deep.

Excellent Condition, but not mint. There is either clouding or uneven marbling on the bottom of the purse, hard to tell which. There is a rough spot on the bottom edge and there is a circle mark, as if a Lucite foot was attached and removed. Very strange, as there are no signs that any other feet were ever attached. This design does not usually have feet, so maybe someone at the company started to add one by mistake and then removed it?

There are no cracks, chips, warping or odors. The clasp works perfectly.

Small imperfections can mean big opportunity at Vintage Purse Page. Offered with an enticing discount.