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Wavy Llewellyn Lucite Purse

Wavy Llewellyn Lucite Purse
Item# WavyLlewellynLucitePurse
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Product Description

I will preface this with saying that this beautiful bag was previously sold, but returned for refund. The buyer believed that the purse had been repaired. It had not. Sometimes purses with side handles like this have little hardware "nails" used to connect the handles to the body. I've seen this several times, I think always in Llewellyn purses. Please examine the 2nd & 3rd photos.

In the second photo, the nails are connecting the handles, not the hinge. It was made this way. And, as you can clearly see in the third photo, the front handles are connected in exactly the same way.

If this is a concern, this may not be the purse for you. I disclose all and want my buyers to be happy.

This wonderfully wavy Llewellyn Lucite purse has a beautiful, shiny clear carved lid. Incredibly well made. The lid is thick and sturdy, and the carvings are on the underside. There is a metal ball claps that clicks inside the body and is then hidden. It holds perfectly

Measures 8" wide x 4" tall x 4-1/2" deep. It is a pretty medium gray, slightly marbled, and has protective Lucite feet.

Near Mint. The inside bottom panel is, maybe, just barely hazy. I think it's original to the manufacturing process. It's really a mint purse.

No cracks, crazing, nicks warping, odors, clouding, discoloration of any kind. The clear lid is perfectly clear and virtually free of scratches. The handle spaces are all present and undamaged. The metal hardware looks great, and everything works perfectly.

Hinge side above, "nail" hardware is connecting the handles, not the hinge to the body. Front connections for handles shown in photo directly below.