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Wilardy - Rare Pink Rhinestones

Wilardy - Rare Pink Rhinestones
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In our nearly 25 years of collecting Lucite purses, this is the only Wilardy we've ever seen with pink rhinestones. They are really a purplish-pink, depending on the light, and there are two sizes, with the smaller ones being somewhat darker in color.

This bag is signed on the hinge and measures 7"wide x 3-3/4" tall (not counted the handles) x 4" deep.

This bag has subtle clouding which is hard to find unless you've very experienced with getting it angled just right in the light. Almost every Wilardy we've ever owned with the inserted panels of jewels or other ornaments has had this subtle clouding. It must have something to do with the manufacturing process used to carve out the panels. It's not readily discernible on this bag, but it is there if you look carefully enough. It has never bothered us in this Wilardy design and didn't show in any of our photos.

There are absolute no cracks, warping, nicks, or vinegar odor. The little bit of metal looks nice and works perfectly. The mirror looks great and the clasp is secure. There are no missing or damaged rhinestones and they are all gloriously shining. No bare spots in the "sand" around the stones and there is even pink glitter in the sand.

Lots of photos below. Because of the light clouding, this bag has been substantially discounted. We expect whoever purchases this bag will be as "unbothered" by the subtle clouding as we are and find this to be a great value for this rare pink rhinestone Wilardy.