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** Myles Miami Rhinestone Beauty **
12 Pockets Purse
15" Baby Blue Party Purse
2-Ways to Wear, Italian Purse
3-Button Opera Gloves
3-Piece Wiesner Rhinestone Set w/ Comb & Key Ring! JUST ARRIVED, ALREADY SOLD!
360 Degrees of Glitter - Wilardy! JUST ARRIVED-ALREADY SOLD!
50's Lucite Bracelet
50's Perky Poodle Purse
A Century of Bags by Claire Wilcox -MINT CONDITON
A Century of Handbags Book - Have You Seen These? SOLD
A Collector's Delight - Double Round Box Bag
A Little Bit Funky; A Little Bit Classic
A Sea of Jewels - Mint!
A Whiff of Pennyroyal: A Southern Woman's Story
A Whiff of Pennyroyal: A Southern Woman's Story
Academy Award Winner
Acrylic Party Purse
Adam & Eve in the Garden - SORRY SOLD
Adrienne Vittadini Evening Bag - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Alligator Prized Possession - SOLD
Am I Blue? Now On Sale!!!!!!
Annie Laurie at Her Best!
Anton Pieck at His Best.
Anton Pieck Decoupage Box Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Aries - Sign of the Ram
At the Museum
Baby Blue Barrel
Baby Blue Lucite by Charles Kahn -SOLD, Lickity Split !
Baby Florist - Victoria & Albert Museum Piece
Bakelite Framed Bag by Lewis
Bakelite or Lucite Handled Purse?
Barrel of Fun Lucite Purse
Beaded Beauty - Carnival Glass
Belle of the Ball
Bellestone Alligator Handbag
Bellestone Beauty - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Bette Davis Charmer - Vintage Evening Bag
Big, Bright, and Bold
Bikini and Beach - Lulu Guinness Handbag
Bird in Hand - Enid Collins Daughter Ad- SOLD
Birds Galore by Annie Laurie - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Black Beaded Roses/Lucite Top - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Black Velvet - Free!
Black Wilardy on Sale - 50% Off
Blue Bombshell !
Blue Lucite Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Blue Lucite Purse Topped with a Bow !!
Bodacious Bubble Feet !
Bombshell Blue Lucite Purse
Borsa Bella Faux Leather Box Purse
Borsa Bella Italy - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Box Purses
Brides Dream Purse
Brilliant Red LUXDEVILLE Lucite Purse
Bubble Gum Pink Purse
Burgundy Red Charmer
Bursting Buds by Midas of Miami
Bursting with Spring
Calico Chicks
Candy Apple Red and White
Candy Cane Red Charlotte Olympia Lucite Purse!
Captivating in Green
Carved Snowflakes
Champagne Gold Evening Bag
Charles Kahn Lucite Handbag
Charles Kahn Lucite Purse - Rare Design
Charlet Hand Beaded Bag - On Sale!
Classic & Crisp, Black & White
Classic 50's Navy Box Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Classic 60's Naturalizer
Classic Air Step Handbag
Classic Creations
Classic Elegance by Naturalizer
Classic Purse with Jeweled Accent
Classic Style With a Touch of Pizzazz
Classic Wilardy Charmer - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Classical Elegance
Classically Cool Life Stride
Classy "Buttoned-Up" Naturalizer - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Classy and Classic - Andrew Geller
Classy Kelly
Clear Carved & 11 inches Long!
Clear Carved Ice
Clearly Cute, Perfectly Pristine - Maxim?
Coach Wristlet, New With Tags - 55% Off!
Coblentz Classic Creation - NEW PRICE
Collins of Texas - Jewels Galore - Mint!
Collins of Texas Petite Pois Purse
Collins of Texas Poodle in "Bubbles"
Colorful Margaret Smith - SORRY, ALREADY SELECTED
Colorful Telephone Cord Purse
Colors Galore by Berne California
Comfy to Carry
Confetti and Striped Delight
Confetti Covered Lucite Dream Purse
Confetti Lucite Bracelet - Price Slashed!
Confetti Party - SORRY - SOLD in 90 Minutes
Confetti Sprinkled Lucite Purse
Cool Beige Box Purse
Cool Navy Blue Wilardy Lucite Purse
Copy Cats by Enid Collins
Crisscross Fun by Francois - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Crystal Bright Wilardy Tissue Box
Curious Yellow
Cute Country Carriage by Collins of Texas
Daisy Crazy
Deco Darling - Wilardy Lucite Purse - Nr Mint!
Deco Delight - Classy Vintage Handbag
Deco Purple Box Purse
Decorated Head Turner! - JUST ARRIVED, ALREADY SOLD
Delicious Wilardy Cookies and Cream
Delightful 2-Way Evening Bag
Delightful Delill box Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Delightful Design - Rhinestone Decorated - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Delightful Double Decker - *SOLD*
Delightfully Shiny
Delill Beaded Set
Delill Deluxe Train Purse
Delill Train Purse
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Dorset Rex Fifth Avenue - Super Sale! SORRY, SOLD
Double Decker
Double Delight Wilardy - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Edie Parker Double Purse with Confetti
Emerald City Green by Wilardy - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Enid Collins & Collins of Texas
Enid Collins Beauty - Jewel Garden
Enid Collins Classic Cable Car - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Enid Collins Les Fleurs - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Enid Collins Les Fleurs Purse
Enid Collins Love Box Purse + Bonus
Enid Collins Paper Mache
Enid Collins Pink Cable Car
Enid Collins Purse - Mint w/Tag
Enid Collins Sparkling Flowers - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Enid Collins Trademark Road Runner Purse
Enid's Collinsiana Has it All - SORRY, SOLD
Enid's Favorite Cable Car
Enid's Fruit Basket
Etienne Aigner w/ Leather Trim!
Evening Bags - Prom & Wedding Purses
Extremely Rare Wilardy Treasure - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Faux Ostrich Box Purse by Delill
Fire Engine Red
Floral Bouquet Box Purse
Floral Patterned Box Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Floral Sensation Box Purse
Florida Confetti
Florida Handbag with a Cool Slant
Florida Handbags Golden Confetti
Flower Shower by Collins
Flowers & Stripes - What's Not to Like?
Funkiest 7-Color Winner!
Funky Fun
Funky Telephone Cord Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Gatsby Purse
Gaymode Woven Navy Purse
Genuine Alligator Handbag - Sterling USA
Genuine Leather 2-Tone Beauty
Geometric Challenge
Gift Horse
Gilli Marbeled Delight
Glamorous Rhinestone Jewels
Gleaming Toro Lucite Purse - A Gem!
Glittering Gold Star Winner
Glorious Gilli
Glorious Orange, 14 inches - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Gloves Dryer - Free w/Any Gloves
Go Anywhere in Vintage Style
Go Anywhere Summer Bag
Gold and White Beaded Delight
Gold Beaded Clutch - FREE
Golden Goddess
Golden Jeweled Wilardy Purse
Good Enough to Eat
Gordian Knot Friendship Purse
Graceful Swan
Great Grapes! Unbelievable JR Florida Purse
Handbags Book by Judith Miller - SOLD
Handy Striped Tote - Cruise Bag - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Hapi Cat & Friends
Happy Smiling Lucite Purse
Hobe Jeweled Rhinestone Purse - NEW PRICE
How Many Compartments in This Lulu Guinness?
Howdy Doody 1956
Hues of Purple - SOLD
Iconic Tyrolean
Immaculate Cable Car w/Box
Island Flowers
Jane Shilton Free Purse
Janet David Lucite Purse - Surprising Color Changes
Je Vous Aime Box Purse - Enid Collins
Jeweled Garden by Enid Collins
Jeweled Toadstools by Collins of Texas
Jeweled Wilardy Sweetheart Purse
Jewels, Jewels, Jewels!
Jill Stuart Striped Delight
Kahn in Pink Satin
Kahn in Red Satin
Kathleen Dustin Polymer Clay Purse, Plus Book Featuring It On the Cover! - SOLD IN LESS THAN 3 HRS.
Leo Lion, Zodiac Sign - SOLD
Les Fleurs by Enid
Let's Twist
Let's Twist Again
Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Box Purse
Little Divas Kids Corner
Little Lulu With Polka Dots
Llewellyn with famous "Elephant Clasp" - JUST ARRIVED, ALREADY SOLD
Long Lean Shiny Evening Bag/Clutch -14" Long!
Long Sleek Teal Purse - On Sale! SORRY, SOLD
Longaberger Purse
Love by Enid Collins
Love is a Splendid Thing
Lovely Lime Lady
Lucious Llewellyn
Lucious Red, Classy Clutch - 15 inches! SORRY, SOLD
Lucite Clutch, Free with Three
Lucite Coffin Purse
Lucite Purses
Lucite Trimmed Gaymode Purse
Lucky Day at the Races Purse by Princess Charming
Lulu Bowed Beauty
Lulu Guinness at her Finest
Lulu Guinness Box of Chocolates Purse
Lulu Guinness Chocolate Box Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Lulu Guinness Cute Cockney Handbag
Lulu Guinness Eye Wear Display - ON SALE TODAY!
Lulu Guinness Iris Purse
Lulu Guinness Paper Doll - 40% Off! - SORRY, SOLD
Lulu Guinness Paper Doll Purse
Lulu Guinness Party Purse
Lulu Guinness Pet Shop - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Lulu Guinness Rare Design - The Dress - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Lulu Guinness Roses
Lulu Guinness Starter Purse
Lulu Guinness, Plus Moo Roo Bags, Kathleen Dustin & More
Lulu Pot of Roses - SORRY, SOLD
Lulu Summer Purse
Lulu's Candy Store - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Lulu's Hat Shop w/Poodle
Lulu's Optical Store
Luscious 2-Tone Pink Vintage Purse
Luscious Lucite Coffin Purse - Such a Short Stay - SOLD ALREADY
Luscious Wilardy Cookies & Cream
Lux de Ville Red Lucite Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Makes Ya Wanna Smile
Marvellous Mrs Maisel Purse
Marvellous Myles
Marvellous Myles, Rhinestone Decorated! - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Marvellously Mod
Marvelously Mod - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Matched Sets
Matching Paul Allan Set - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Maxim Striped Delight!
Midas of Miami Jewel
Midnight Black, Super-Shiny Wilardy - SORRY, SOLD
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Rarest Enid Collins of All
Mod 60's Pucci Prentender - SORRY, SOLD
Mod Handled Gilli Lucite Purse
Mod Llewellyn
Mod Lucite Purse by ? Guess Who
Mod Mod, Red Red !
Mod Navy & Red Tano Purse
Mod Purse by Crew
Mod Squad 60's Purse - Deliciously Shiny
Mod, Mod, Mod - Longest Red Purse
Moo Roo - Not Lulu - Purse
Moo Roo Florist Basket Purse
Naturalizer Classic Creation
Naturalizer Color Block Purse
Naturalizer Striped Delight Purse
Naturalizer's Most Popular Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Needlepoint & Lucite Box Purse
Ocean Waves, Naturalizer
Oddly Flawed, Wonderfully Blue - SORRY, ALREADY SELECTED
One Special Purse
Optical Store by Lulu Guinness - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Out of Print - A Certain Style - ON SALE! Sorry, Already Sold.
Owl Eyes
Painter's Palette
Paper Doll Purse - Rare Lulu Guinness - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Paper Doll Rain Coat Purse by Lulu Guinness
Paper Mache Enid Collins
Papier Mache by Enid Collins
Party Girl Purse
Party Pink Purse from Italy - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Party Pretty Pastels
Passionately Pink - So Sorry, Already SOLD
Patchwork Fun
Patricia of Your Dreams
Patriot Colors
Peggy Sue Box Purse
Penguin Parade
Perfectly Polka-Dotted Lulu Guinness
Petite But Sweet - Wilardy
Petite Lulu Guinness Flower Basket
Pink Daisies Box Purse
Pink Hat Box Purse
Pink Lucite Earrings ONLY - Bracelet is Sold
Pink Perfection
Pinky Beige - SORRY SOLD
Plastic Handbags, Sculpture to Wear - SOLD
Poki Runs a Race
Polka Dot Delight by Lulu
Polka Dotted Sunshine!
Precious Pink Purse
Pretty in Plaid
Pretty Patchwork by Collins
Pretty Patchwork Purse
Pucci Wanna Be - FREE!
Puffy Birds Purse by Annie Laurie
Purse Book to Make You Swoon! SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Purse Books and More
Put On Your Pearls Girls - by Lulu Guinness - SORRY, SOLD
Queen of Green
Raffia & Lucite Handbag
Rainbow Mod 60's - ?
Rainbow of Color
Rare Asian Design Lucite Purse
Rare Hammered Aluminum Purse
Rare Rialto on Sale!
Rarely Seen in Dynamic Green
Rarest Tyrolean Triangle, Multiple Compartments - And It's Not Lucite! SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Real Seashells Wilardy Purse
Red & White Delight
Red Beauty
Red Glove by Lulu - SORRY, SOLD
Red Lovers' Gaymode Purse
Red, White & Blue by Life Stride
Rhinestone Adorned Beauty
Rhinestone Adorned Rialto
Rhinestone Covered Lucite Purse by Maxim
Rhinestone Studded Evening Bag - SORRY, SOLD
Rhinestones, Beading, Sequins - FREE Purse
Rhinestones, Glorious Rhinestones (See it Close Up!)
Rialto (?) White & Clear Carved Lucite Purse
Rialto Jeweled Gem
Rialto Lucite Charmer
Rialto Lucite Jewelry Box
Rialto with Rhinestones
Rich Carmel Lucite Purse
Rich Color Rialto
Road Runner, Enid Favorite
Roomiest Lulu Guinness Bag
Roomy Naturalizer Tote
Roomy, Fun, Everyday Bag
Runway Ready!
Season's Solitude by Collins
Sexy Polka-Dot Shoes w/ Matching Handbag, SOLD
Sherbet Colors Vintage Purse
Side Clasp Cutie - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Silver Foil Clutch - 14 inches!
Sloped Design Lucite Purse
Sly Slant - Deco Lucite Purse
Snow White Lucite
Snow White Wilardy
So Mod!
Sometimes It's All About the Handle
Space Age Mod Bag
Spectacular Beaded Evening Bag! SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Spectator Classic
Spirals of Wilardy
Spring Green Handbag
Stone Mountain Classic - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Straw - Rattan Box Purse
Striped Delight - FREE with Three! - SORRY, ALREADY SELECTED
Stylish Button Bag - FREE!
Stylish Lady - Already Sold
Summer Wedding
Sunny Yellow Gaymode Purse
Sweet Hush Puppies - Genuine Leather
Swinging Seaside Shells
Swinging Sparkler
Swirled-Birdseye Lucite Purse
Talbots Floral & Striped Handbag
Talbots Tote -FREE!
Teal Appeal -16 long inches! - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Teeny Weeny Boo Boo - So, Wow I'm Free with Three
Terrific Tiger Tyrolean
The Art of the Handbag - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Tin Lizzie
Tommy Tote
Tortoise & Vinyl Handbag
Tortoise Striped Delight - Toro?
Trapeziod Lucite Box Purse
Tri-Color Fun!
Tropical Pineapple Collins Purse
Truly Terrific Tyrolean - NEW PRICE
Tulip Time by Enid Collins
Two Ways to Wear
Two-Toned Treasure by Benne
Tyrolean at its Best!
Ultimate Mod Purse w/Hat- SORRY, SOLD
Unbelievable Bellstone Alligator Purse
Under the Big Top - Super Sale!
Unique Parallelogram Lucite Purse
Unsigned Rialto ? 50% Off - SORRY, ALREAD SOLD
Vanity, Jewelry, Gloves, & Miscellaneous Fun
Vintage 50's Sweater Guard - On SALE!
Vintage Purse - Too Mod For Words!
Vintage Purse Archives - PAST SALES
Vintage Rhinestone Necklace
WaffleCut Beauty
Waves of Color - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Weatherwane Rooster by Collins
Weaved Mystery - How Did They Do This? SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Wedding or Prom Beaded Bag
Wedding Perfect Beaded Bag
Whirl Away by Collins of Texas
Whirlagigs Pinwheel Collins Purse
White Ice Lucite Purse
White Roses
Whoops a Daisy by Collins
Wiesner 6 Piece Rhinestone Studded Set! - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Wilardy - Rare Pink Rhinestones
Wilardy 4-Piece Dream Set - Newly Reduced Price - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Wilardy Classic Design
Wilardy Dazzling Jeweled Lucite Purse
Wilardy Jewel Topped Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Wilardy Jewel-Topped Delight
Wilardy Jewels Galore!
Wilardy Napkin Holder
Wilardy Rare Pup Tent Lucite Purse
Wilardy Rhinestone 4-Piece Set
Wilardy Scroll Purse
Wilardy Shells in the Sand - Lucite Purse
Wilardy Show Stopper!
Wilardy Tortoise Striped Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
Wilardy with Forgiving Shine - 50% Off
Wilardy with Real Seashells - SOLD IN ONE DAY!
Wise Guy
Wonderfully Wilardy
Wonderland by Collins of Texas
Wrap Around Mystery Purse
Yellow Roses by Moo Roo - 40% Off