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Wise Owl by Enid Collins - 50% Off

Wise Owl by Enid Collins - 50% Off
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Product Description

Wise Guy owl purse by Enid, one of her iconic designs. There is a horizontal line in the wood running just above the owl. I believe this was a natural flaw in the wood as there is no cracking whatsoever showing on the edges or sides of this wooden panel. I have had this on display this for many, many years and never noticed it until I took the photos.

This wooden box bag measure 8-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" tall x just shy of 3" deep. The clasp is genuine leather.

Other than extremely light scratches and the aforementioned line in the wood, this bag would be mint. I have included loads of photos to show the line on the front that I've explained and how great this purse still is. It looks different in different lighting.

Even small imperfections can mean opportunity at Vintage Purse Page. We are marking this a nice 50% off.