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Hapi Cat & Friends

Hapi Cat & Friends
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Maybe this should be title "Hapi Cat and Former Friends" since she's swallowed them both. One of Enid's most whimsical and clever designs for sure. Even harder to find in this bold primary red color.

This bag measures 9-1/4" wide x 5" high x 2-1/2" deep. The wood appears to be mahogany. It is signed but not dated.

Very Rare and Absolutely Excellent Condition! No paint loss; it still looks nice and bright and crisp. No missing or damaged jewels. There is some wear around the leather clasp hole opening (shown below.) And there is a line of excess varnish on the back panel near the bottom. You might see a little of this in the photo of the back. It was hard to capture with the camera as it's only seen if you hold the purse in the light at just the right angle. The inside is immaculate and couldn't possibly have ever had anything in it.

This is the Enid bag everyone dreams of finding!