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Hobe Jeweled Rhinestone Purse - NEW PRICE

Hobe Jeweled Rhinestone Purse - NEW PRICE
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The Josef bag company is famous for their exceptional everning bags, but none are as spectacular as these bags using a Hobe jeweled frame. This bag measures almost 12" wide across the bottom and 4" wide across the frame. It is 8" tall from the bottom of the bag to the top of the frame.

Excellent condition with some finish loss on the metal frame. We have carefully photographed this and show it below. In all of our years of collecting, we have never seen a Hobe jeweled bag that did not have finish loss on the metal; it seems to be endemic to these bags. However, the sparkling rhinestone jewels are what attract your attention anyway.

The body is a smooth, satiny black material as is the handle. This material has no tears, holes, stains, snags or fading. The interior lining has some very, very small catch marks in the material near the Josef signature, not holes. There are two open pockets inside. There are no holes, dirt, or stains inside this bag.

There are no missing rhinestones and the clasp holds perfectly. The exterior, both front and back, has a panel, sort of like a skirt, that is open at the bottom which covers the totally enclosed bag underneath. You should be able to see this in the last photo.

Bette Davis carried a fabulous Hobe jeweled clutch in one of her movies. We've been looking for years, without success, to find the name of the movie, just so we can see it again. Finding these bags today is nearly impossible. They are so special, so rare, and such a prized treasure for any vintage purse collector.