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Almost Yellow Patricia of Miami - ON HOLD

Almost Yellow Patricia of Miami - ON HOLD
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Product Description

This Patricia of Miami is not yellow, but rather a yellowish beige. It looks more yellow in some lighting, but we've purposely selected photos showing it as beige so as not to mislead. (But it does have a more yellow tint in some lighting.)

It has the signature curvy Patricia clasp and is labeled inside. This handbag measures 7-1/2" wide x 3" high x 3-3/4" deep. The clear, diamond-cut lid is a wonderful 1/2" thick.

Near Mint Condition. No cracks, chips, warping, and absolutely no odor. It is impossible to see any clouding on the very variegated marbling. There seems to be a somewhat duller spot on the side, but could be marbling. Who cares if you can't tell? When open, the clasp hardware wiggles, but when closed it doesn't move a bit. Also, seems in no danger and may simply have been assembled this way. Feet are all present.

Patricia bags are hard to find in such stellar shape and with no odor.