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Glamorous Rhinestone Jewels

Glamorous Rhinestone Jewels
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Product Description

At first glance this may appear to be a clear lucite bag with rhinetones, but it's even more interesting. The bottom and end panels are marbeled white lucite. (See all photos.)

There are 16 large rhinestones, 11 on the lid and 5 on the front panel. This bag measures 9" wide x 3-1/4" high (without the handles) x 3-3/4" deep. It has lucite buttons for feet and also for spacers at the handle connections, all in perfect shape.

Excellent Condition Plus. There are some small scratches on the handles and a couple of small wear spots on the back side of the hinge. One white end panel has a small mark or dot, which is actually a small indentation, possibly make in the manufacturing process. This is clearly pictured below in photo #5.

There are absolutely no cracks, chips, crazing, warping, discoloration, yellowing, clouding, or odors. The ball clasp is a little snug but works just fine. The rhinestones are in perfect, undamaged, ultra shiny condition. Even the silver backings, as seen through the clear lucite, are excellent with no discoloration or gloppy glue as sometimes happens.

Would make a great, shimmering holiday party accessory.