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Confetti Covered Lucite Dream Purse

Confetti Covered Lucite Dream Purse
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Confetti Covered Lucite Dream Purse
Oops, barely arrived and I'm already sold.

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Every collectors dream, a dazzling confetti lucite purse in stellar condition! This bag is signed Gilli Originals New York. The confetti colors are gloriously sparkly with silvers, gold, (more silver than gold pieces), red, purple (which looks like blue in the photos), and turquoise confetti. Measures 7-1/4" wide x 5" high (without the handle) x 4"-1/4" deep. The handle stands nicely for display.

Near Mint Condition. Here are the picky particulars:

There are no cracks, crazing, nicks, odors, warping, clouding, or scratches (or any note.) Even the clear handle is amazingly clear and undamaged. The metal hardware is secure and free of corrosion, spotting, and discoloration. The metal has lost some of its original bright shine, but still looks very good. The clasp sets slightly crooked but was manufactured this way. It is not loose. The clasp does not snap closed, but it does stay securely closed when carried and does not fall open when tipped.

The clear corners show glue residue at each edge of the body, a common occurance when clear lucite panels are glued together. The glue is not yellow, only a sort of "bubbly" white looking. Clear lucite feet protect the bottom.

OK, where else will you find this much detail? But, if we've missed anything you'd like to know, please e-mail. Plenty of photos have been provided to examine and admire. (Only the top 2 will enlarge.)

In all of our years of collecting , we've seen very few multi-colored confetti bags and never one exactly like this.