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Dorset Rex Fifth Avenue - Super Sale!

Dorset Rex Fifth Avenue - Super Sale!
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Product Description

This is a Dorset Rex Fifth Avenue compact covered with shiny small pearls and sparkling blue rhinestones. Besides the "blotter" with the Dorset Rex name on it, the compact is also engraved on the inside, although hard to read without a magnifying glass.

This is believed to be from the 1930's but that is only an educated guess. It measures exactly 3" x 3". It weighs 5 ounces.

Excellent condition with wear on the exterior, mostly on the back, with some light wear around the edges of the engraved design on the front. There are no missing decorations. The clasp works and holds perfectly. There is no powder inside but the powder puff has light traces. The mirror is undamaged.

I can just picture Joan Crawford or Myrna Loy sitting in a supper club and opening this to check their makeup.

This compact is very shiny. It is not dull, or cloudy or hazy, and there's no dull-looking film on the metal as the photo suggests. Definitely not one of my best photos.