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Howdy Doody 1956

Howdy Doody 1956
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Be advised, we know nothing about comics. We were buying some (wonderful) purses at an estate sale and happened to see this laying on the dresser. Just couldn't resist.

This is Vol. 1, No. 36, Jan-Mar 1956. Please see 2nd photo below for publishing information or ask questions.

As we said, we know nothing about comics or how to rate them. The inside pages look amazing with no writing, stains, tears, folds, or other damage. The front cover has a possible bend line and some light scratches. Someone has written Shirley on the Howdy Doody title, (perhaps to keep it out of her siblings hands?)

Might be great fun to share with a grandchild along with memories (if you're that old; some of us are!)

This is the back cover.