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15" Baby Blue Party Purse

15" Baby Blue Party Purse
Item# 15BabyBlue
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Product Description

This pretty party purse can be used as a clutch or held by the chain. When the chain is inside, there is no hint of it seen on the outside whatsoever.

A cool 15" wide at the bottom and 12" wide at the top. This bag is 5-1/2" high and 2" deep. Plenty of room for wallet, phone, makeup, and more.

Near Mint Condition. There is one pinpoint mark on the top of the frame. This is shown up close in the last photo below as it is barely noticeable when looking at the whole purse. The chain is in excellent condition, too. The stone in the clasp is not a pearl, but rather some sort of stone that shines like a white opal (but, I'm sure, is not.)

Even the teeniest imperfections can mean opportunity at Vintage Purse Page. Nicely discounted for a nearly mint bag!