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Aries - Sign of the Ram

Aries - Sign of the Ram
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Enid Collins produced the entire zodiac series and some collectors are not happy until they have every single one. Are you an Aries, know an Aries, or just "need every single one?" This is an opportunity to add a near mint condition "sign of the ram" Enid Collins design to your collection.

This bag measures 8-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" high (without handles) x 4-1/8" deep. If you work really hard at it and get it angled in the light just right, you can see a whiff of 3 very thin varnish lines on the back of the bag, and we really mean a whiff.

This bag has all its stones and decoration in stellar condition. There are no chips, cracks, rubs, odors, or stains. The inside is immaculate, the mirror perfect. The metal hardware is shiny and the real leather strp handles have no cracking lines. We can't imagine that this bag was ever used.

Lots of photos follow. Please note: the true color of the wood is a richer, more golden color than the photos are showing and there is no uneven coloring. (Would like to blame our new camera, but it's probably my amateurish photograhy.)