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Funky Telephone Cord Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD

Funky Telephone Cord Purse - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
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Product Description

This funky fun telephone cord purse is, yes, made from real telephone cords. (Of course, if you were born this century, you may not remember those types of telephones, but I sure do. Yes, they came in all colors.)

This purse measures 9-1/2" in diameter. It is not signed. I've never seen a signed one.

AND, I have only ever seen one other in this kind of stellar condition! While the telephone cords on these purses always stay vibrantly colorful, the material around the zippers and under the handles usually did not hold up as well. They almost always have holes and tears. This bag has not suffered that fate. It looks amazing.

This zipper slides nicely. There are no loose cords. The only thing to mention is the material holding the handle ends has faded. You can see this in one of the photos. (I try to show and disclose everything.)

Lots of photos. Aren't the colors wonderful!