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Alligator Prized Possession - SOLD

Alligator Prized Possession - SOLD
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Have you ever seen an alligator purse with such a unique and interesting frame? The ends are cleverly curled, one forward and one backward. (See photos.) We believe this to be bakelite, but does not test. However, some bakelite was sealed. If not, then this is Lucite. We attribute this to the '50s.

This adorable handbag measures 11" wide x 7" high counting the frame, but not counting the handle x 4-12" deep. The handle drop is 6". The cut outs on the handle connections add even more interest.

Absolutely Excellent Condition with two signs of wear. Only upon close inspection can the wear on the metal decoration be noticed. We took a close up of this with the light showing it at its worst. (We actually never even saw this until we started taking photos, but we disclose all.) One of the two open pockets inside the bag is torn on one side. Again, photo below.

There is next to no wear on the skin. No wear on the handle either. The frame closes with a spring hinge and closes completely and perfectly. There are no cracks or chips in the bakelite.

We took lot and lots of photos to show off what could become your very own prized possession: