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Unique Parallelogram Lucite Purse

Unique Parallelogram Lucite Purse
Item# UniqueParallelogram
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Product Description

I didn't like geometry, but I do remember that this shape is a parallelogram. Cleverly constructed all in Lucite, we're thinking maybe an unsigned Florida Handbag.

Measures 7" wide (but looks a bit wider because of its unique shape) x 3-1/2" tall (without handle) x 3-1/2" deep. This bag has never had feet.

Excellent Condition with some finish wear on the metal hinge. No cracks, chips, warping, crazing, yellowing, or odor. The hardware works perfectly.

A note to myself inside the bag says "small area of clouding on the back." Well, that didn't show in the first photos I took, and I had to look and look, finally getting it turned just right in indirect lighting to find it. Yup, it's there. Without that note I would never have seen it again. So, anyway, I took some more photos until I finally got it to show up - see the very last photo. Only shows when the lighting is exactly right.

Even small imperfections can might opportunity on Vintage Purse Page. We have discounted this stellar, uniquely shaped purse very nicely.