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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Rarest Enid Collins of All

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Rarest Enid Collins of All
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Oops, sorry, I just arrived, but somebody's already chosen me.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Rarest of Them All?

Of course, it's the marvelous pink color that makes this Enid Collins bag so very rare. The color just pops. This bag measures 11 wide at the top x 8-1/2" high. It is clearly identified with the ec initials.

Amazingly excellent condition but this bag is not mint. We have taken tons of photos to fully show you everything:

There is light wear throughout, including small scratches or scrapes on the leather trim and clasp. (The most noticeable are all clearly pictured below.) Fortunately, no one sees the inside as this bag was obviously used and bears numerous ink marks inside. Scratches and marks on the wooden bottom. The handles have surfaces lines throughout, but none are cracked through. There are no missing decorations and all are bright and undamaged with some light wear on some of the green stones.

With this bright pink background and colorful stones to set if off, this bag is a standout. Would sell for gazillions if mint, but enticingly discounted here.