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Majestic is My Name - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD

Majestic is My Name - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
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Product Description

Made in the '50s when Lucite bags were all the rage, this bag has a Lucite lid and handle, with hard, but slightly pliable vinyl sides. (Some people think purses like this are entirely Lucite. Not so. Once cooled and set, Lucite doesn't flex.)

Measures 7-1/2" wide x 5-1/4" tall (without the handle) x 3-1/4" deep. This bag is by Majestic and is signed on the bottom lining inside.

There is an intermitent gold line of what might possibly be glue in the design that can be seen upon close examination. No one would see this when the bag is carried. It absolutely is NOT a crack. There are no cracks anywhere. I have included two different photos of this at the very bottom of this page. If you look back at the first photo, you will see how very hard it is to notice since it blends it with the gold flower design threads.

Again, there are no cracks and no chips. The clasp holds very securely. (You need to be sure it's latched before you pick it up.) There is some finish wear on the metal. The vinyl panels are nice and shiny, picking up the light nicely.

Even minor imperfections can mean opportunity at Vintage Purse Page. This bag has been given a nice discount for some lucky buyer.

The overall color of this bag is gold and clear. Any hints of silver are simply poor picture taking. The handle is clear, not white.

Not a crack.

Again, no cracks.