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Annie Laurie at Her Best!

Annie Laurie at Her Best!
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This is without a doubt one of the most spectacular Annie Laurie bags we've ever seen. If you're not familiar with Annie Laurie bags, they were painstakingly produced one at a time by one lady. She lived in Palm Beach, Florida, and vacationed in Petosky, Michigan every year. She sold her purses in both locations, to small specialty stores and high-end department stores, including Saks. Some were decoupaged with a 3-d, puffy effect and some were simply hand painted. This bag is decoupaged and every flower is in raised 3-D. It is finished off with a cream-colored lucite handle.

Flowers were one of her favorite subjects and were some of her best creatiions. These bags were very popular and a status symbol, so used to the point that few exist today in really good condition, but this is one that did!

So Near Mint! There is either a small speck of paint or a bump in the middle of one flowers on the side of the bag that you will have to search very hard to find. (Shown in last photo below.) It is not a chip. In fact, the bag is not chipped anywhere. There is some scratching on the metal hinges. There's absolutely no crazing in the varnish, no stains, no yellowing or other discoloration. There are no nicks, odors, scrapes, no nothin' anywhere. The inside is immaculate.

We just can't say enough great things about this purse, so let's let the photos do the talking:

Please note: The tiny black spot on the edge of the lid came off after we took the photos. The lid is perfect.