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Pucci Pretender

Pucci Pretender
Item# PucciPretender

Product Description

Every purse-collecting fashionista will be asking, "Is that a Pucci?" Yes, it certainly has the look, but this is a pretender. Unlike most Pucci handbags, this one will be easier to keep clean with its wipeable poly fabric.

Nice and roomy: measures 12-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" tall (which includes the handles) x 5" deep. Signed XOXO, this is not a vintage purse of more than a few years. The handles are a frosty Lucite or Lucite-like hard plastic; they make it very easy to carry. There is one large zippered pocket inside.

Near Mint Condition. No marks, stains, fading, or wear of any kind of the outside. The inside has some manufacturers glue (I think) residue. The magnetic clasp holds very firmly.

Perfect for someone who's always wanted to carry a Pucci, but doesn't appreciate their hefty prices.

Pattern on the back is exactly the same.