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Yellow Roses by Moo Roo

Yellow Roses by Moo Roo
Item# YellowRoses
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Product Description

Mary Norton produced wonderfully whimsical handbags from 1998 to 2006. They were often seen at red-carpet events on the arms of such celebrities as Sharon Stone, Reese Witherspoon (who had a bag named after her), Tiny Fay, Paris Hilton, Hallie Barry, and more. The original tag enclosed with this bag will give you even more of the history.

Moo Roo bags sold for several hundred dollars. Sadly, the only way to get one of these wonderful bags today is to buy one used. If you're lucky, you'll find one in new condition like this one and still pay much less than the original cost ($415 for this bag as shown below on the tag that came with it.)

Special features with this Moo Roo bag: We have discovered that the handle unsnaps on both sides so you can make it slightly longer. Or, since there is also a long shoulder strap tucked inside, you can remove the shorter handle completely. The shoulder strap can easily be tied (or untied) and the length adjusted. Pretty cool detailing!

This bag is in Mint Condition. We have provided 11 photos to show you everything on this spectacular Moo Roo bag.