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Wonderfully Wilardy

Wonderfully Wilardy
Item# WonderfullyWilardy
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Wonderfully Wilardy

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Even without the engraved signature, this purse is easily recognized as a Wilardy by both its quality and distinct style. Wilardy is the undisputed king of lucite purses. Not only are the designs elegant, but Wilardy bags seem to hold up best over time, too. Their motto should have been "buy Wilardy and buy the best."

This bag is a beautiful, shiny jet black. It measures 10-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" high (without handles) x 3-3/4" deep. The handles stand nicely for displaying.

Condition is Excellent Plus! The lucite shines like crazy; you can actually see your reflection in it. There are no cracks, warping, crazing, chips, clouding, or odors. The hardware has no pitting, rust, or finish wear. There are small smudges on the hinge, but it still looks great. There are suface scratches, but happily the only noticeable ones are on the bottom of the bag. This style never came with feet. The filligree on the clasp and handle ends shows no wear.

The high shines causes reflections in the photos - there are no chips.